diseo libro 2""The César Egido Serrano Foundation was created to propose that the word be the tool of coexistence between cultures and religions and against all violence." 

Soledad Uranga wins the I Prize of Microfiction Museum of the word of the Fundación César Egido.

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Toledo-Argentine writer María Soledad Uranga has won the contest I of Microfiction 'Museum of the word', equipped with 7,000 euros for his composition 'days ago it rains', composed of eighteen words. The failure of this prize, organized by the Fundación César Egido Serrano has been known in Toledo, insofar as its promoter - which gives its name to the Foundation - is a native of the town of Quero. This international award jury is chaired by the director of the Museo de la Palabra, Alfonso Fernández, and formed, among others, by writer Carmen Posadas, former Socialist Ministers Cristina Alberdi and César Antonio Molina, former Ambassador of Israel in Spain Shlomo Ben Ami or the journalist Miguel Ángel Mellado. The award ceremony will take place on Monday 23 November in Quero, coinciding with the inauguration of the Museum House of the Fundación César Egido Serrano, and at the same event the nine finalists will receive a diploma. A total of 3,682 stories, from 44 countries have submitted to this contest. In the words of Caesar Egido Serrano, it's literary contest 'best paid', as its first winner will receive for each word 389 euros, dividing the amount of the prize among the 18 words that make up his story. Caesar Egido unveiled the reason by which rewards so short stories: "Thus must investigate, search and choose the most appropriate words in the dictionary." Not all are worth under any circumstances. "They must be the precise to express the content of the story in a wonderful exercise, the recover even words in disuse". (Source: the free voice)

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