""The César Egido Serrano Foundation was created to propose that the word be the tool of coexistence between cultures and religions and against all violence."

The word Museum manages to overcome the 3650 stories

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"The word Museum" or I International Microfiction contest is an initiative pedagogical calling for the use of the Spanish language and spirit that has managed to gather a total of 3.672 stories from 44 countries.

The award, organized by the Fundación César Egido Serrano has an economic budget of 7,000 euros by a text of 600 characters (100 words, approximately), which aims to encourage the exercise of realization of the language, as well as pretending to be an initiative with pedagogical aim before the careless use which is currently the Spanish language.

The country that participates with the largest number of microfiction is Spain, with 2.144, followed by Argentina, with 637. There are also participants of Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Brazil, Denmark, Sweden, Thailand, Korea South of Sri Lanka.

The Museo de la Palabra, a Palace in Quero (Toledo), heart of the cervantine route, is articulated as the main tool of the Fundación César Egido Serrano for the achievement of its purposes.

The Foundation, through the development of activities whose main character is the word, seeks to foster understanding between different peoples, ideologies, religions and cultures.

(Source: Foundation of the Spanish language)

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